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Hachi-ban Ramen History

Hachi-ban Ramen is franchise restaurant in which the efficient management system developed. We have kept the quality of taste since the first Hachi-ban ramen restaurant opened. We have put in all kind of efforts to create the lineup of the menu depending on changes caused by specific time periods. By doing so, we contributed to the local food culture to provide various tyoes of menus to meet the demand of families. In consequence,Hachi-ban Ramen realized IPO.

In 1967, a small, crude ramen shop opened along Route 8 at Kaga city, Isikawa, Japan. Because of the high reputation of this shop's main menu, vegetable ramen noodle, many customers stood in line to eat the famous ramen. Although there were only 25seats in the shop, 1300 bowls of ramen a day were sold during their peak.

"Hachi-ban Ramen", was named after Route 8 and the master of the shop was Chouji Goto, the founder of Hachi-ban Ramen Group. We believe serving the vegetable ramen repeatedly is the way to extend our passion for ramen to the customers.