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Overseas Development

"Hachi-ban Ramen is popular in foreign countries." It might be surprising to people who are hearing this for the first time ,but in fact, Hachi-ban Ramen's tastes and services are provided in various local places in foreign countries. Keeping in mind the words "Deliciousness surpasses a country's boarder." we are planning to coutinue the opening of more stores in foreign countries.

Hachi-ban Ramen Restaurants in Thailand

At shopping centers in Thailand, there are many famous stores such as McDonald's, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Within these stores, Hachi-ban Ramen also has a store opened. Hachi-ban Ramen has developed an extremely popular Ramen chain Restaurant. Ramen store is one of the business type restaurants supported in foreign countries.

■Store Numbers
Hachi-ban Ramen Store Numbers 127

Hachi-ban Ramen Restaurants in Hong Kong

■Store Numbers
Hachi-ban Ramen Store Numbers 5
Hachi-ban Menya Store Numbers 2
Hachi-ban Menkobo Store Numbers 1
Hacchouya Store Numbers 1