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Reasons for Relief

Our food service business is built on top of the trust of customers. To continue to receive their trust, we have recognized that the products we offer are most importantly, well thought of for the customers' safety and also the quality of the foods should be stable. At the Foods Park, full attention for sanitation and good quality take place for ingredients and manufacturing managements.

Quality Control Center

In order to offer equal quality products, we examine the quality of ingredients such as, the thickness and strength of noodles, the amount of salt and sugars in Dumplings and sauces.

Air Shower

Sterilizes the body and clothing with strong wind pressure. Without going though the air shower, no people or products can enter the factory.

Automatic Sterilization Device

Automatically kills bacteria and germs in the air. These devices are set in several places in the factory where they maintain clean air and protect the products from bacteria.