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Management policy

Management policy

Hachi-ban group makes a full effort to offer the products at lower prices to many more customers in a better environment.

The Hachi-ban group works for communities to build the confidence between customers and workers.

The Hachi-ban group continues to make efforts to improve daily work, and develop the business while responding to the changing time periods.

The Hachi-ban group promotes the business without an overlook of gratitude towards customers.

The Hachi-ban group appreciates the gain of a fair return from their relationship between customers.

We believe it is our duty to fulfill the main goal of the Hachi-ban group: to contribute to a happy human life.


Tasty Innovation

The concept of "tastey innovation" describes how we continue into the future as a food service company based on our management policy. It represents our stance as the body for the franchise food-service industry to serve the delicious products at low prices in same condition for each store. Moreover, it also regulates our innovative management approach to offer the "taste of the real thing". The future merchandising strategy and sales promotion strategy will be developed based on it. We believe it is our duty to achieve the company's goals with our innovative spirits in order to contribute to the society.

Corporate symbol

The symbol represents those of the below.

  1. The system industry which activates the organization of information by human communication.
  2. The system industry deals with change caused by work restructuring and our expansibility and Innovative sprit.

Our symbol colour is red. It describes our corporate concept "tasty innovation". It also describes our expansibility, innovative spirit, taste, and familiarity.